Why choose NGT airO Technologie?


Our unique airO concept is based on the rules of modern drive-technology. The use of patented modular pneumatic technology, whereby the pins are spotted through the use of 10 independent pneumatic drive units (“airO Unit”), resulted in an enormous increase in operational efficiency and a decrease in operational costs. By using the exact same airO technology to drive the ball elevator and ball lift, we reduced the number of parts and components used in a complete bowling lane dramatically.

Unlike other bowling equipment manufacturers, our business model is not build around large warehouses full of expensive spare parts and web shops with thousands of articles. With only 8 main spare parts and an operational manual of less than 25 pages, we rather help you invest your money in other areas of your center that will drive incremental revenue.

And an important bonus to all of this..… as we were focusing to build the world’s most energy-efficient and operational friendly string pinsetter, at the same time we were able to significantly improve the bowling experience for your guests! Due to the modular individual pinsetting technology used, only our pin-interaction really is almost identical to that of a freefall machine.

Eco Friendly
Zeichnung Unit

Consulting & Financing

Our team of in-house specialists will support you in every stage of your project: from project initiation and concept development, through finding financing resources, up to the (re)opening of your entertainment facility.  

Plan and finance bowling lanes

New Center Development

NGT is the only turnkey bowling manufacturer in Europe. From interior construction to premium bowling equipment and floor finishing, everything from a single source.

Turnkey concepts for your bowling business


Take a closer look at our unique airO product line, light & sound solutions, customized furniture and other amusement products.

Everything for the bowling centre - the airO product line


Whether you are looking for new pinsetters, a scoring system or restaurant interior, NGT is your partner for entertainment solutions that stand out from the crowd.

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We work all over Europe

It is a mix of the right mentality, a clear vision and challenging objectives that allowed NGT - over period of 30 years - to develop into the company it is today. Although our market shares show structural growth and in some markets have even risen above 50%, 'being the largest manufacturer' has never been the ambition.

NGT stands for bundled expertise and "Made in Germany & Holland", with production and development facilities on both sides of the border. Places where craftsmanship still counts and the quality and safety standards are high.

The professionals within the NGT-team have worked for decades in various capacities in the bowling industry. The NGT team therefore not only includes qualified engineers and technicians in the field of bowling technology, multimedia solutions and interior construction. Also with regard to center management, marketing and sales, NGT has the right people to help you with the successful (re)opening of your new or modernized bowling center.