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NGT Lane Move 

Move your customers to action ...


NGT Lane Move, our own fully integrated interactive bowling experience, is designed with today’s high-demanding guests in mind. Consumers are prioritizing their spending on leisure & entertainment constantly and are more willing to invest in engaging experiences and the memories they can create with it.

Combining the best available projection and tracking technology NGT Lane Move helps to create a mesmerizing atmosphere in your center and an unparalleled bowling experience for your guests. Choose between a wide range of beautiful animations, or one of the unique games that we developed to keep your guests engaged. Reach out to new target groups that are looking for technology driven entertainment experiences, without giving in on the one thing that makes bowling an absolute evergreen: hit those pins!

Lane Move
Lane Mapping

NGT Lane Move can be easily controlled from the reception desk, allowing you to either choose a center-wide atmosphere or a customized per lane set-up. Or give your guests the ability to choose their own animations or Lane Move game-format through the bowler console.

Modular hardware configuration

NGT Lane Move is available in 3 different system configurations, allowing you to gradually expand the functionality of the system while keeping the required investments under control.

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