Your investment in the bowling business


Are you a new or existing leisure operator looking for preliminary information on the investment in bowling? Or did you already make up your mind and are you ready to take next steps? Either way, you have come to the right place…

The numbers are quite impressive: over 110 million people worldwide bowl at least once a year. Whether for a birthday party, corporate event or a nice evening out with friends, for decades bowling has been the ideal leisure activity, regardless of age or ability.

Because of its timeless popularity bowling has proven to be a very stable and cash-based business with a very interesting return on investment. Whether in a more traditional format, boutique style venue or in multifunctional family entertainment surrounding, bowling will be a typical anchor activity that forms a solid fundament for your business. 


Manufacturer & installer


For well over 30 years, NGT-Bowling is Europe’s only turnkey bowling manufacturer and installer. We do not purchase from other manufacturers, but develop, produce and install our own premium bowling equipment. The NGT team is ready to support you throughout all different phases of your project: from concept development and help with finding the appropriate financing resources, through equipment installation and training of your staff.

And long after our installation work has been completed, without any question we are still there for you with staff training, service and support. All of this, so that you can focus on what it ultimately comes down to: entertaining your guests, giving them a bowling experience that will blow their minds and make them come back for more!

New construction of a bowling lane
Turnkey entertainment solutions for bowling centres

Turnkey entertainment solutions


Our real strength lies in providing you with the best turn-key solution when opening your new entertainment location. Where others can only think inside their own product box, we take a 360 degree approach towards your project and help you build a complete (bowling) entertainment center that stands out from the crowd.

We understand that in today’s entertainment arena it takes more than reliable bowling equipment to be successful. The right mix of activities and F&B offering will help to appeal to a much wider range of potential customers, to increase footfall in your center, to extend dwell time and to increase the spend per head.


Complete package

This is why, apart from supplying the industries most energy-efficient and maintenance friendly bowling equipment, we can also help you with your complete interior design, customized furniture solutions, light & sound systems and even other entertainment equipment. 

Our multidisciplinary team is able to work more efficient on your project than multiple subcontractors can do. This not only leads to a more effective use of your project budget, but also results in lower operational costs in the long term, because the systems and products used are better integrated with each other.

Because of these combined services, we are the only provider of real turn-key solutions for bowling and family entertainment operators in Europe.

Interior construction and finishing


You would almost forget it, but the ideal layout for your center is not only determined by a balanced mix of different entertainment activities or an appealing interior design. Many other factors come into play when trying to build the perfect entertainment center.

The interior construction experts at NGT can help you with this crucial part of your concept development. We are fully aware of the latest construction regulations, building standards and relevant technical developments. This includes knowledge in the field of acoustics, suspended ceilings, floor finishing and (pre-)electrical installation.

All of our projects are professionally prepared and planned together with our clients. Falling back on 30 years of construction experience, we avoid unexpected (financial) setbacks during the construction period. With this approach we also ensure that, after opening of your facility, you will not run into operational problems that keep you from focusing on your business operation and spending time with your guests.

Bowling centre - interior construction and finishing