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Changing the industry through innovation


For decades, the bowling industry has been dominated by manufacturers who clung to technology and design principles from the 1980s. When we decided it was time to redesign the string pinsetter, we had no idea where this journey would ultimately lead us ...

We not only gave the existing pinsetter a visually modern make-over or replaced metal parts with durable plastic components, as our competitors do, but also completely rethought the concept of the string pinsetter. And ultimately even decided to redesign all of the moving components that make up a complete bowling alley.




  • The most energy efficient and environmentally friendly bowling facility in the world.

  • The easiest-to-use bowling facility in the world:

    • 90% fewer spare parts than the closest competitors.

    • an instruction manual of less than 25 pages.

    • the only plug & play string pinsetter in the world.

    • the smallest tool box in the world: only 4 regular tools to maintain your equipment.

  • 100% own product development and production.

  • The only string pinsetter that almost achieves the pinfall properties of a free fall machine.

Hood mit Frau.jpg
Customised ball-lift hood and rack design

The most powerful ball lift in the world


To maximize efficiency gains and operational benefits, NGT has developed a new ball return based on the same modular pneumatic technology used in the airOsetter.


In contrast to other ball return systems, the airOlift only uses energy when it is needed to transport a ball into the ball rack. After a ball has been recognized by the IR photocell, it is lifted and gently placed on the ball rack. Only 5 bar (75 psi) air pressure and a maximum of 24Vdc / 3W are temporarily required to function properly.


The arriving balls are gently inserted into the transport mechanism using "brake stop" technology. In this way, we rule out material damage and material fatigue, which occur in many other systems over time. Extremely strong industrial bearings guarantee years of low-maintenance operation in your center.


The 24 Vdc power supply comes directly from the airOsetter. In standby mode, only 0.5 W of electrical power is used to keep the light barrier in operation. The combination of the technologies used makes the airOlift by far the most energy-efficient ball elevator in the world.


And since the airOlift is made up of the same main components as the airOsetter and the airOvator, the need for spare parts is reduced to an absolute minimum.

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