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Changing the industry through innovation


For decades, the bowling industry has been dominated by manufacturers who adhere to technology and construction principles from the 1980s. When we decided it was time to redesign the string pinsetter, we couldn't foresee where this journey would ultimately lead us ...


We not only gave the existing pinsetter a visually modern make-over or replaced metal parts with durable plastic components, as our competitors do, but also completely rethought the concept of the string pinsetter. And ultimately even decided to redesign all of the moving components that make up a complete bowling alley.




  • The most energy efficient and environmentally friendly bowling facility in the world.

  • The most user-friendly bowling facility in the world:

    • 90% fewer spare parts than the closest competitors.

    • Operating instructions of less than 25 pages.

    • the only plug & play bowling facility in the world.

    • the smallest tool box in the world: only 4 regular tools for maintaining your equipment.

  • 100% own product development and production.


And on top of that .... you get the ultimate peace of mind through our 10-year NGT-Care guarantee program!

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