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Habdmade furniture...

specially designes an produced for you


For more than 30 years NGT-Bowling has equipped and installed modern bowling centers throughout Europe. The accumulated experience and specialist knowledge of furniture is now bundled in the subsidiary NGT-Furniture.

In collaboration with creative designers and experienced carpenters, NGT-Furniture creates unparalleled furniture for leisure and entertainment centers. It is always a challenge to perfect a piece of furniture in such a way that design and functionality come into their own perfectly. And to look for the ideal mix of comfortable, but also hard-wearing and durable upholstery fabrics.

The ergonomics of chairs, coaches and sofas are extremely important. After all, people often spend hours at a cosy dinner, in the lounge area or on the bowling lanes. Apart from physical comfort, it is very important that your furniture is suitable for intensive usage and meets the high requirements set in the hospitality and entertainment industry. That is why all NGT furniture is always build around a very robust frame, while the overall weight is kept optimal.

Although an increasingly number of furniture manufacturers have started to use machinery for their production, NGT still largely falls back on the craftsmanship of experienced carpenters and upholsterers: whether it concerns the careful bending of the wood or the detailed finishing of a piece of furniture.

Centre facility

From bowling equipment to interior construction: everything from a single source


Our team of specialists will help you create an optimal layout for your center and is aware of the latest construction regulations, building standards and relevant technical developments. This includes knowledge in the field of acoustics, suspended ceilings, floor finishing and (pre-)electrical installation.

In this way we ensure that you will not run into operational problems that prevent you from focusing on your business operation and spending time with your guests. All of our projects are professionally prepared and planned together with our clients. Falling back on 30 years of construction experience, by doing so we avoid unexpected (financial) setbacks during the construction period.

Our multidisciplinary team is able to work more efficient on your project than multiple subcontractors can do. This not only leads to a more effective use of your project budget, but also results in lower operational costs in the long term because the systems and products used are better integrated with each other.

Because of our extended services, we are the only provider of real turn-key solutions for bowling and family entertainment operators in Europe

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