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Changing the industry through innovation


For decades, the bowling industry has been dominated by manufacturers who adhere to technology and engineering principles dating back to the 1980s. When we decided it was time to redevelop the string pinsetter, we could not foresee where this journey ultimately would take us…

We did not just give the existing pinsetter a visual modern make-over or replaced metal parts by durable plastic components, like our competitors do, but completely rethought the concept of string pinspotting. And ultimately even decided to redesign all moving components that make up a complete bowling lane.


  • The world’s most energy-efficient and environmentally friendly bowling equipment.

  • The world’s most operation-friendly bowling equipment:

    • 90% less spare parts than the closest competitors.

    • operations manual of less than 25 pages.

    • the only plug & play string pinsetter in the world.

    • the smallest toolbox in the world: 4 regular tools only to service your equipment.

  • 100% in-house product-development and manufacturing.

  • The only string pinsetter that almost matches the pinfall characteristics of a freefall machine. 

And on top of all of this…. imagine ultimate peace of mind because of our 10 years NGT-Care warranty program!


The most powerful pinsetter in the world


Thanks to its innovative design, the airOsetter combines the advantages of string pin setters with those of so-called freefall pin setters. The airOsetter is the only string pinsetter that really has the bowling properties of a free fall machine:

  • No incorrect scores, as a pin is already registered as fallen if it is only moved from its place by another pin.

  • No bad scores if a pin is knocked down by the string of another pin.

  • Pin fall and pin interaction comparable to a free fall machine through the use of the unique modular pin technology.

  • No optical and noisy untangling of cords when pulling up the pins.

  • Frequent thread tangles that have to be broken up manually are a thing of the past.


Visit our showroom in Jülich and experience how we manage to offer bowling center operators the highest level of security and at the same time create the most authentic bowling experience that a string pinsetter has ever created.

Ultimate security with NGT Care


We have already said it before: we turn our words into deeds.

Not only do we believe we are building the best string pinsetter in the world, but we now also prove our confidence in the premium quality of our product with an extended warranty for up to 10 years after the original date of purchase of your NGT bowling equipment. In this way we want to thank every bowling operator who has put their trust in us.

So what's the catch? Since transparency is one of our core values, we would like to formulate the conditions of this unique offer very clearly: In order to qualify for the 10-year warranty extension, we only expect that you have your equipment serviced by a certified NGT technician once a year. During the service visit, your devices will not only undergo a thorough inspection, which will help ensure the longevity and operational performance of your devices, but also, for example, all moving parts will be cleaned, checked and adjusted or an oil change on your compressor (s) carried out.


You can apply for the extended warranty at any time during the normal 24 month manufacturer rifle performance period. And in special cases even at a later point in time.

Imagine 10 years without investing in expensive parts ... We have raised the bar before and we will continue to do so to challenge the status quo in our industry.

With these new and unique guarantee conditions, we are once again committed to your success:

Significantly reduced operating costs for 10 years,

worry-free for 10 years ...

NGT Care - up to 10 years warranty for your bowling equipment
Planet Tree Logo

For every pinsetter sold, we donate five trees

We want to give something back to our environment

Ecological sustainable action already starts in product development, which is why our airOsetter ECO is equipped with state-of-the-art pneumatic technology and is thus more energy-efficient, more sustainable, and also consists of only a minimum number of components.

In all areas of the company, we pay attention to resource-saving processes, which is why we do not dispose of, but rather repair all components.


One of our most important materials is wood. That is why we want to give something back to nature that was previously taken from it. For this reason, we donate five trees in German forestry operations for every pinsetter sold.


We are supported in this by the organisation Planet Tree, which, like us, is a family business. Planet Tree has already planted thousands of trees in German forests and we support them so that there will be many thousands more.

The most important technical data


  • The airOsetter is completely driven by air pressure and is therefore non-motorized. It is without question the most energy- and operationally efficient pinsetter in the world. With a maximum of only 3 bar (43.5 psi), this pinsetter is very safe to use and thus meets all applicable safety standards. Only a small amount of electrical energy is used for the electronics and the electro-pneumatic valves during operation.

  • Non-motorized bowling pinsetter machine with low annual energy and maintenance costs. Powered entirely by air pressure. Only 3 bar (43.5 psi) are required.

  • Additional electrical power of max. 50 watts is required for the electronics and the magnetic coils during operation. The standby power is only approx. 10 watts. (excluding lighting)

  • Mains supply 100 - 240Vac, UL-tested 24Vdc / 100 watt internal power supply. The power supply for external light barriers and switches is supplied by the airOsetter as standard.

  • The airOsetter also supplies the power for the airOlift ball lift on the front and the airOvator ball lift on the machine side as standard. No additional electricity is required!

  • Easy to install and plug and play by default.

  • Standard setup with OLED color display & buttons on the back.

  • The scoring interface output is compatible with most other scoring systems and as standard with the new NGT IMPULSE scoring system.

  • The shadow-free, integrated LED pin lighting is included as standard and can be connected directly to the DMX control of your existing or new lighting and sound system.

  • Approximate weight and dimensions: 85 kg / height 1160 mm / width 1530 mm / depth 1200 mm including mounting bracket.

String Pinsetter airOsetter glänzt durch Technik & Design
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