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Consulting, planning & project management

From your vision and idea of a bowling facility to the concrete concept


Every project we do starts with a thorough and professional intake conversation with one of our sales and development managers. During this conversation we help you to convert your vision, ideas and wishes into a concrete concept. Our professional advice will be based on a variety of important parameters such as your business goals, the available budget, the available space, revenue projections and market demand.

Once the project objectives have been determined our design team helps to create architectural layouts and interior designs that will make your guest go ‘WOW!’. And only with NGT this means we do not stop at the end of your bowling lanes: complete interior construction, interior design, customized furniture and even floor finishing are part of the services that differentiate us from other traditional bowling suppliers. 

We advise you extensively
We plan your project with you

Planning & projectmanagement


For many architects, contractors and project developers, the creation of a new leisure center or the modernization of an existing location is a one-off affair.

Well before the first construction drawing can be made, many things have to be taken into account. An integrated and coordinated approach between all parties involved demonstrably leads to lower initial costs in the short term and to higher operational efficiency and therefore lower operational costs in the long term.

Experience with leisure projects is indispensable in order to run the modernization or new construction of your entertainment center as efficiently as possible. With more than 30 years of international project experience, NGT can unburden you completely in this area, allowing you to continue to focus on your core tasks.

Budgeting & Financing


In addition to the fact that a well-founded business plan is essential for obtaining financing, it also offers the necessary tools for your day-to-day business operations. You can use the plan to monitor progress and it helps to determine whether you are still on the right track to success. Apart from being an bowling equipment manufacturer, we have been directly involved in (bowling) entertainment center operations and management for decades. Based on our own experiences, the NGT experts are happy to help you draw up a solid business plan.

​Financing comes in many shapes and sizes, but it must always be based on a realistic financing concept that provides insight into the possibilities and the associated risks. As soon as your credit requirement has been mapped out, an appropriate concept can be drawn up. For many years, NGT has been working with Leasing Union to support our clients throughout Europe with their financing needs.

We support you with your financing
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