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Great fun for the little ones


Whether it concerns children's birthday parties or a regular afternoon or evening out, a very important target group for your bowling center consists of families with young children.

In order for everyone, regardless of age or ability, to really enjoy their time on the lanes, an automatic bumper system that is connected to the scoring system nowadays is a must-have feature for every bowling center. With bumpers everyone can participate in the game and have a fair chance of winning.

When we started developing our own bumpers in 2020, the main objectives were easily determined: maximum flexibility and durability of the components, optimal energy-efficiency, simple on-site assembly and lots of fun for the bowlers. The result is our NGT airObumper.

Automatic bumper system linked to the scoring system
Innovative Bumper System from NGT Bowling

With the usual NGT quality, of course


As with all airO products, the airObumpers are pneumatically driven by an air pressure cylinder with a torsion drive that sets up the bumper quickly, quietly and above all, in an energy-saving manner. They have been designed in such way that they fully integrate with the other bowling lane components. They come up automatically, as soon as it is the turn of a player who has enabled this function. If the next player has not chosen bumpers, they automatically lower back into the lane base at the start of their turn.

The airObumpers are made of a highly durable and impact-resistant synthetic mixture, designed in such way that the bumpers are virtually maintenance free. In the unlikely event that a part gets damaged beyond repair, the 25cm modules can be replaced at a glance by virtually anyone in your center.

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