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NGT amusement concepts


Every leisure and entertainment operator obviously should be looking to increase footfall, maximize customer dwell-time and grow the average spend per guest. People can only spend their money once, so why not try and give them a reason to do it in your venue?

Multi-functional entertainment solutions that will help you attract new target groups. Whether air hockey, pool billiard or curling…. we have everything to create the perfect mix of activities.

Over the past 5 years the European leisure and entertainment industry is showing a clear shift away from single-function entertainment to multifunctional entertainment. Bowling itself will continue to function as a strong anchor activity for centers, but other entertainment, particularly activities with a competitive element are becoming more popular every day.

In order to remain successful in the foreseeable future, bowling centers therefore should not only make sure they operate the best bowling equipment available, but also will have to differentiate by adding other activities to their offering.

Street Curling

Attract new target group


Through our own distributor network we have direct access to premium amusement products and some of the most innovative and popular complementary activities for your center. Some examples:

  • Classic formats such as pool billiard, air hockey or table football have a proven track-record for decades and do not require large investments.

  • Competitive socializing concepts, which offer a combination of gamified traditional activities such as interactive darts and shuffleboard, beer pong or high-tech minigolf with a strong and upscale F&B offering, are rapidly gaining popularity across Europe.

  • Iceless curling, originally developed to help promote one of the fastest growing Olympic sports in places where there was no ice. Now one of the hottests new activities of Family Entertainment Centers in North America.         


Unlike other bowling equipment manufacturers and suppliers, at NGT we help you determine the perfect blend of entertainment activities that will attract a wider audience, bring new target groups to your venue and extend their stay. Let us help you build future-proof entertainment concepts that stand out from the crowd!  

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