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NGT LED reflex overlay


Where it comes to bowling lane technology and the so-called synthetic overlay, NGT is also breaking new ground. With NGT LED Reflex Overlay not only we developed a premium overlay with a great bowling-performance, but also offer operators the ability to create a unique and extraordinary atmosphere.

Our lane surface is produced with a special nano-structure, which helps to minimize the "carry-down effect" of lane conditioner during play and provides more consistent lane conditions to your bowlers.

With the shifting trend towards entertainment-based bowling, NGT was one of the first manufacturers in the bowling industry that allowed customers to choose their own lane-panel color and design. With this option, we allow you to seamlessly integrate the lanes into your interior and ambiance.  

A special reflective coating ensures optimal and intense reflection of LED light and laser effects. Apart from this NGT LED Reflex Lanes are provided with a digitally printed warning text at the foul line. This makes ongoing replacement of expensive warning stickers no longer necessary.

Like all our products, NGT LED Reflex Overlay is produced in Europe, which means that we can guarantee a demonstrably higher quality standard and product consistency than many other suppliers.

Bowlinglane NGT LED Reflex Overlay
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