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Keep your center running with NGT Center Supplies


Being Europe’s most innovative bowling equipment manufacturer, of course we also have all the products needed to keep your center up and running after opening. Like with our bowling equipment, we offer the best value for your money. Durable, quality products that have been specially designed to help you get the most out of your NGT bowling equipment.

With a growing focus on customer-experience even the less obvious details will become important when trying to differentiate from your competitors. Comfortable and premium quality rental shoes, house balls with European size drill holes or visible hygiene measures like the use of disinfection spray. All our center supplies are always available from our stock.

Let NGT help you meet and exceed expectations…

Center Equipment
Bowling shoes

"Be a Winner" rental shoes


You can stop searching for the right line of rental shoes. NGT now offers durable and comfortable “Be a Winner” rental shoes, that stand out from the crowd with their refreshing and different look. A quality leather shoe with durable velcro closure that helps to keep your bowlers happy and play longer.

The high quality of our rental shoe is reflected in the robust leather sole with a deepened V-groove, which prevents the stitching from tearing through. And the use of the double elastic bands under the Velcro closure.

Increase your service level and show your customers that you truly care about them by using disinfection spray and offering protective socks. NGT Shoe Spray is a concentrated, effective and pleasant smelling disinfection spray. Our hygienic socks prevent cross contamination while using rental shoes, removing all the often heard objections to wearing rental shoes.

"Be a Winner" house balls


Made from extremely durable urethane, our "Be a Winner" house balls come with a comfort grip and European drilling size which truly helps your bowlers to keep up their scores. Color-coding and engraved weight indication allow for an easy recognition of the preferred ball. And because of their special reflective coating, Be a Winner house balls even add something extra to the lanes when you switch on your light-show.  

If you are looking for a real ‘WOW’ experience on your lanes, the NGT "FIRE BALL" is the only right choice! Multiple LED’s inside the bowling ball are activated when the ball hits the lane surface. A great fun effect, especially for children's parties or other events.

Bowling balls

"Be a Winner" bowling pins


Nothing beats the authentic sound of 10 wooden pins that are hit hard by a bowling ball.  

Be a Winner bowling pins are designed for a significantly improved pin interaction, allowing for higher scores and consequently more fun on your lanes. Produced from 1st class maple wood and finished with an extremely durable surlyn coating, our pins are ready to withstand countless spares and strikes.

The unique borehole design in our string pin ensures that replacement of string or pin be done within seconds.

Available both for free fall and string pin machines. Be a Winner pins are USBC certified, which make them qualify for official tournaments and league bowling.

Dragon ball ramp


To be honest, we didn’t invent the dragon ball ramp. But we definitely improved it…

Meet our robust and lightweight dragon ball ramp, the most compact and fun ball ramp in the industry. With their disarming wiggle eyes they won’t go unnoticed. Now even the youngest children be can play along with the family and knock down some pins.

Our dragon ramps are produced of easy to clean and durable plastic in 4 different vibrant colors.  Because of its compact design, only our ball ramp can be sent by regular parcel post.

Children's ramp
Railway maintenance

Lane maintenance


Well-maintained and prepared lanes are essential to keep your bowlers happy and at the same time will help to extend the lifetime of your lane surface significantly.

Based on our experiences in NGT-equipped centers throughout Europe, we developed our own complete line lane maintenance products that does exactly that: provide optimal protection for your overlay and excellent playing conditions for your bowlers.

The NGT Lane Conditioner comes in 3 different viscosities. The NGT Lane Cleaner, specially tailored to our conditioners, effectively removes dirt and oil residues from your overlay.

Our products can be used in all lane maintenance machine available on the market.